Вышел новый выпуск журнала о наукометрии «Наука и метрика»

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The journal Science and Metrics, a partner of which is Scientific Publications – Publ.Science, has published its 3rd issue.

Новый выпуск журнала "Наука и метрика"




This issue contains the latest news, analytical reviews of authors, interviews with journalists and useful articles covering the results of 2019 and covering the trends of 2020 scientometrics and science.

All materials of the third issue are united by the main theme – "Scientist's Image in 2020". It will help the reader understand what efforts modern researchers must make to succeed in their work, what should motivate them to increase personal scientometric indicators, how to get a grant for your project and choose the best journal to publish in, etc.

The journal has new and permanent author's columns: "Through the eyes of the editor" and "Science Today", which will help cover the current issues from the standpoint of the journal's experts in even more detail.

Every scientist can become a subscriber to the publication by registering on the journal's website or downloading it for free. Two previous issues are also freely available.

The editorial board of the journal "Science and Metrics" is open to cooperation and invites representatives of the scientific elite to join the formation of a powerful information resource that will be aimed at helping scientists and developing Ukrainian scientometrics and science in our country and abroad.

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