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Researchers often wonder why their article was rejected during peer review. Often the answer lies in the quality of the translation, its lack of accuracy or content, due to which foreign reviewers cannot fully evaluate the article.

An article that claims to be indexed in Scopus or Web of Science must necessarily comply with the standards of these international scientometric databases. If researchers seek to publish not only in domestic professional publications, but also in world-class journals, they must understand that the translation of article into academic English is compulsory, and it should not cause any doubt.

For a scientific work to accurately pass an expert review, it is better to submit it for proofreading and translation of a professional consulting organization. . Scientific Publications — Publ.Science employs highly qualified translators who translate scientific articles of researchers every day. If you need the Academic Translation service, leave a request, and we will create an offer just for you.

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What is included in the "Academic translation"?

Article audit

Uniqueness check

Material editing

Layout of the article and list of references

Translation of the article into English

Translation proofreading by a native speaker

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Why is academic translation necessary for a scientific article?

  • Compliance. An article that claims to be indexed in Scopus or Web of Science must meet the criteria of these international scientometric databases.
  • High praise from reviewers. Academic translation and proofreading will increase the chances of success even in poor articles. Such preparation ensures compliance with the journal’s standards and a successful peer review.
  • Worldwide level. The journals included in these platforms feature the best scientists in the world. Your work will enter the international scientific arena.
  • Cooperation with scientists. Foreign colleagues will be able to read your article and offer you collaboration.
  • Increase citation rate. More scientists will read the articles, thereby opening the possibility of more frequent citation.

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Official agreement with Scientific publications - Publ.Science company
  • Confidentiality
  • Copyright protection
  • Compliance with publication dates

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science operates exclusively within the legal framework and provides services officially. We sign a model agreement with each client, which serves as a legal guarantee for the researcher.

We value your trust, therefore, our specialists oversee the implementation of each item that is prescribed in the contract.

Our reach is not limited to one or two countries. We open representative offices in different countries, study their legal features so as to qualitatively and officially provide our services to foreign clients.

Why cooperate with us?
Team of specialists
Each project is led by a team of specialists who have extensive experience in the field of scientific publications
Full article support
A personal manager is assigned to the client and accompanies the publication process from signing the contract to the very indexing of the article in the database
Individual approach
Our experts use a personalized approach to each client, ensuring maximum productive cooperation and successful results
Confidentiality and copyright
The company guarantees confidentiality and full protection of copyright
Best conditions
We regularly expand our base of partners, cooperate only with reputable foreign journals

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