Publication in journals from the Scopus database

Ethics. Scopus adheres to publication ethics and ensures that no participant violates it in the process.

Publication in prof. editions

Ethics. Journals adhere to publication ethics and ensure that no participant violates it in the process.

Publication in Web of Science

Guaranteed protection of scientific work. Publication in this database helps to obtain a title, degree, grant assistance.

Hirsch index increase

Identifies the author as a researcher. Increases the authority and reputation of a researcher in the scientific community on the international level.

Publication in ERIH+, JSTOR, etc.

Large selection of journals. The number of journals indexed in ERIH+ or JSTOR is very large, and authors can choose the best for their publications.

Publication in foreign journals

Status and opportunities for cooperation. Publications in foreign journals will help the scholar to expand the circle of acquaintances among foreign colleagues.


Proper layout and translation. Our technical editors will create a layout and translate all the links according to the rules.

Робота з індексацією

Improve visibility of the article. If your materials are hard to find, our experts will help identify the problem.

Academic translation

Increase citation rate. More scientists will read the articles, thereby opening the possibility of more frequent citation.

Editing and formating

Time saving. Researcher can entrust their works to specialists and continue scientific research.

Article audit

You have nothing to lose. The service is free, but priceless, as it contains important and necessary tips from professional editors.

Uniqueness examination

Professional software. Our experts use special software that detects the exact percentage of uniqueness.

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