• How does one cooperate with your company?

    Scientific Publications – Publ.Science provides official services and operates exclusively within the legal field. At the beginning of cooperation with each client, we conclude a contract, which states all the terms and conditions of cooperation. Our specialists provide documents on completed work and invoice, if required for reporting.

  • How can I pay for the services you provide?

    We work with payments from the vast majority of banking systems and money transfers around the world in various currencies. This opens the opportunity to reduce commission costs. In addition, we work with legal entities, individuals and partial prepayment.

  • Is the copyright and privacy of the author maintained?

    All services of our company are provided with the utmost confidentiality and the undisputed preservation of the client's copyright. For example, if a customer wanted to publish one article but later replaced it with another article, then employees' access to the former is restricted. After some time, it is removed from our database, and work on it can be restored only if the client resends it for publication.

  • When will I be contacted after submitting an application?

    Our specialists respond to every request as quickly as possible. If you applied in the morning, you will definitely be contacted during the same day. If you applied late in the day or on the day off, you will get a reply the next business day.

  • Is it possible to order a service that is not listed on the site (services section)?

    Of course! We are guided by the principle of individual approach to each client. That is why we respond to any request and try to help with each case. Our specialists solve any scientific problems.

  • Why are some of the services provided free of charge?

    We audit the article for free: we check its uniqueness, the level of necessary refinement, and we can also select the journal when ordering a comprehensive service. These services do not require serious intellectual involvement as against the design, translation or publication of a scientific study (comparison is made for a comprehensive service).

  • Do you work in all areas of science?

    We do not settle for one or two specializations. Working in all fields does not cause us fear or complication. It is worth noting that 80% of our publications are publications in chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy and their derivatives.

  • Do you offer the service of "express publication"?

    In a high-quality journal, the publication period takes an average of 5 months, and this is excluding the review, which also takes some time. There are times when our customers' materials form the entire issue or most of it in some journals. In such case, the revision of new articles takes 1-2 months. This is not an privilege or a special service. For Scientific Publications – Publ.Science, any publication is urgent.