Scientific Publications – Publ.Science became the sponsoring organization of Crossref agency

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Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company becomes an official sponsoring organization of the Crossref agency, which provides a DOI for actualization of scientific publications.

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company

Crossref company is created to facilitate research communication, the search for research and citations, their evaluation and reuse, including strengthening of relationship across countries, sciences, disciplines and people. There are only 10 such agencies in the world.

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company has received the Sponsoring Organization status and can now award DOIs to publishers, academic institutions, higher education institutions, libraries, journals, issues, and specific articles in them.  

DOI helps identify the path to the information or document you need, and facilitates data sharing. The identifier remains unchanged, which cannot be said about the publishing website that may be deleted. This standard is used by many companies from all over the world.

Maxim Pylypenko, General Director of the company, noted: "For us, partnership with Crossref is another step that confirms our company's leadership, professionalism and competence. We have received one more tool to provide an even greater range of scientific publishing services to scientists from all over the world".  

Scientific Publications - Publ.Science team

Meeting at Scientific Publications – Publ.Science

The company has joined the worldwide online research network and members of the global Crossref movement, which includes 118 countries so far.

The team of the company conducts educational activities and helps to obtain a personal ID to assign a unique number to the content. Scientific Publications – Publ.Science organizes active consulting support on DOI assignment, as this topic is rather widespread nowadays and requires professional consulting.

Earlier our website released a material about participation of the Scientific publications – Publ.Science company in the International research-to-practice conference

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