Hirsch index – its benefits and ways to improve

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Nowadays, scientometric indicators play an increasingly important role in scientific activity. Therefore, all researchers who take their activities seriously need not only to research, but also think about the ways to develop and improve their metrics. Let us look at the example of the Hirsch Index, how it can be useful to scientists, and what are the ways to improve it.

 Індекс Гірша – його плюси та способи підвищення

The authority of the scientist

The high h-index helps the scientist to form a status and creates positive conditions for being invited to cooperate by both domestic and international scientists, as well as by the management of the higher education institutions or scientific institutions to occupy certain academic positions.

The value of scientific research

The Hirsch Index identifies the value of the article, its demand among other articles. It helps to understand the effectiveness of certain results in a particular research area, the number of citations of the author's papers, suggests conclusions about them.

Competition and cooperation

This scientometric indicator helps to compare researchers in the same area over a period of their work, to analyse activities and to create healthy competition that will motivate them to improve their research. One can also find collaborators among researchers with high h-index, start communication and work together on scientific projects. 

Invitation to become a reviewer

Often, scientists who have a high index are invited by the editorial boards of scientific journals to join the review staff of the publication, which is quite honorable for every researcher. This is not always on a paid-for basis, but allows every researcher to learn about new developments in their field and to assist other researchers in their activities, which also expands the circle of acquaintances and opportunities.

Participation in conferences

Highly sought-after scientists are invited to share their ideas at domestic and foreign conferences, which has a very positive effect on the authority and further activity. The scientist Opens more opportunities for communication, new collaborations and ideas.  


It's no secret that the Hirsch Index is looked at by the Commission when considering grant application documents. For foreign representatives, this is the very indicator that influences the final decision. H-index is an international standard, and it helps openIng scientific doors.

Ways to improve your Hirsch Index

Revise your scientific and publication strategy. By analysing their h-index, researchers understand the direction of their progress, efficiency of work, and can adjust them if the index is low. Researchers can develop a strategy and a research plan to improve the Hirsch index. Often, researchers correct their mistakes by analysing their already published articles and establishing what needs to be improved (content or layout, etc.).

Selecting journalsThe author should work carefully on choosing a journal to publish the article in order to accurately reach their audience who will be interested in the material that will be expressed in the active citation. The selection process is not always easy, but necessary.

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