2019 results in Scientific Publications – Publ.Science

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Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company, a leader in scientometrics and science, held a final conference for its staff, which consisted of two blocks: results and strategy.

The event discussed a roadmap set for 2019 to assess the extent of its implementation and actualization. In the management's view, all the goals set at the beginning of the year were achieved, and some of them were even exceeded.

Denys Pylypenko, the founder of the company, highlighted the projects that were commenced and implemented in 2019, noted all departments and teams of the company involved in their work: "Any success is a cooperative work and an achievement of the entire team." He listed comparative figures showing the number of scientific publications completed by the company in a year, far exceeding the results of some countries.

Denys Pylypenko, company founder Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company

In the photo: Denys Pylypenko, company founder

The conference participants also learned about the upcoming reforms, the 2020 strategy and the goals that the company is facing, namely to assist the scientific community in improving their scientific publishing activities, to continue active and proactive cooperation of the company with international scientific organizations, to promote the development of scientometric indicators, etc.

Maksym Pylypenko, CEO of the company, noted that it was very important for the team to understand where the company is heading, and also distinguished each employee with motivating words of support.     

Maksym Pylypenko, CEO Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company

In the photo: Maksym Pylypenko, CEO

The strategic block for the next year included HR projects, highlighted by Kateryna Martynchuk – HR-manager of Scientific Publications - Publ.Science. She spoke about the introduction of a transparent employee growth map in 2020 and the launch of the Mentoring Institution.

Kateryna Martynchuk, HR-manager Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company

In the photo: Kateryna Martynchuk, HR-manager

This final conference was beneficial for each participant, as it helped them understand the dynamics of the company development and learn about the main strategic plans for the next year, which will promote joint growth and active achievements.  

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