Scientific Publications. Result, not process.

Scientific Publications. Result, not process.
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Denys Hlushko

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The international company Scientific Publications is the absolute leader in scientific consulting and scientometrics in Ukraine and the CIS. We have been developing this industry since 2016 and during this period have become the leaders in providing quality and professional scientific and publishing services. In addition, our company is active in more than 45 countries: Germany, France, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, and others.

Scientific Publications is an established brand that the academia perceives as a company that guarantees results. It is this ideology of interaction between the company and the customers that resulted in our slogan — “Result, not process”.

The values of Scientific Publications are in the plane of honesty and respect for each client. We bear responsibility for all projects of researchers who approach us for publication, we guarantee the timely implementation of the terms and conditions of the agreement and the most transparent actions upon its performance.

The company successfully cooperates with researchers from around the world, scientific institutions, institutions of higher education, state and public organisations, which is confirmed by the signed documents and memoranda.

Denys Hlushko

Head of Client Relationship Management Department

Our partners and clients

Our team

The team of Scientific Publications thinks ahead, planning long-term and fruitful cooperation with researchers, which will benefit both parties.

Scientific Publications is focused on expanding both the external partnership and the internal growth of the team of professionals. It is essential for us to set trends in scientometrics and science, work on interesting new projects, while developing the research field.

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Answers for the most popular questions

  • 1. Does the company provide an official cooperation agreement?
    Scientific Publications provides services officially and operates exclusively within the legal framework. At the beginning of cooperation with each client, we conclude an agreement where we specify all the terms and conditions of cooperation. Our specialists provide documents on the work performed and an invoice, if it is necessary for reporting.
  • 2. Do you publish papers in all scientific areas?
    Our company employs many specialists in various scientific areas, we do not focus on a particular specialisation. Notably, 80 % of our publications are studies on chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy, and other related branches of these sciences.
  • 3. What terms of publication of the paper do you provide?
    The publication period in a high-quality journal takes on average from several months to a year. It all depends on the level of the material that was submitted by the author, and the requirements for the journal and its rating. In some cases, the publication of papers is possible in a sped-up fashion. This is not an advantage or a special service. For Scientific Publications, any publication is of top priority!

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